The heavy crime under that flooded 汐止 Why I said No to that Taiwanese woman when she asked to use the front yard of my resided Japanese style house in 汐止 for her to plant her vegetables ? Becaus 房地產e I can afford to say no to every one (Because you yes once to any one of those underground chained slavery terrors fo 酒店兼職rce, your entire life must be slaved by them, you have no way to say no to unlimited following one. The only way you can save your soul for ARMANI woman is to starve to die immediately that I did not know that option, for man, he must know how to kill as many as his enmeies and got killed. Every man 裝潢 and woman will die sooner or later, you must rather die than slave and be slaved.), no way to say yes to every one. Why I raising up this issue? Because those Taiwanese underground c 酒店工作hained slavery terrors linked to Condi Rice-"蘇秀蘭"-陳欣-"簡阿甘" abused their dark side force to force me to go through that shitted flood without any supposed protection wearing that 找房子every one else got covered, because they want to show to Taiwanese coward what consequence (They first broken my resided house to riot every thing inside that house to show their forceful revenge, because that riot only touched 找房子 Chinese said "Sheng.Y.5", hurting my heart [Because in order for the second class human form - woman to grow up stronger, she can only grow up inside, she must not rely on outside big muscle body, therefore, you can challenge her heart, o 設計裝潢r any inside her body strength invisibly, you must not allow to challenge her visible physical body form that coming out of her mom's body showing in front of any eye or eyes.], therefore, the Ghost side can let it go.) they must have to go through had any 禮服one of them dare do like I did dared said No to any one of their slaves. It is hair standing crime, that the Ghost side cannot afford to let it go unchecked.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 房地產  .

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